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Grass Lawn


We Specialize in High Efficient Sprinkler Systems.  We install Easy Maintenance systems which save water and provide better coverage with less water run off.  Saving on over watering and lack of coverage which lowers utility costs.  We take pride in our work and warranty our services for one year!


Snow Removal

Water Sprinkler


What people are saying about us...

    The guys at Spencer's Sprinkler Repair did a great job for us. They initially told us we would have a 3-week wait period because we called right at the beginning of the busy season. But they fit us in earlier and helped set-up our spring sprinklers. They came up with a creative solution to a problem area we have had and did a great job. This is our new sprinkler team! We love their work and the prices were very reasonable.

M. Gibson

I would recommend these guys to anyone.

- They quoted me a price and stuck to it.
- They responded to texts in a timely fashion.
- They showed up when they said they       would.
- They corrected my problem fast and   efficiently.
- The work performed was clean, neat,   logical, and organized.


K. Jurek

I have known Spencer and his crew for a long time, and have time and again been impressed with their great work, warm personalities, and exceptional customer service. I would highly recommend giving them a call for a quote. Expect to have to call or text a few times now and again, for they are extremely busy, due to what I believe to be their popularity through their excellent work.


  J. Albretsen

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